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Adventure Holidays in Kenya – A quick checklist before you leave

Adventure Holidays in Kenya – A quick checklist before you leave

Before we leave, we always have a number of things to prepare. For this trip, the choice of safari, visa, clothes and money were the things that marked me particularly in terms of preparation.

As it’s a lot of information, I wrote different articles:

  • Dedicated to safari
  • There's one about the visa
  • Preparation of clothes and money to Keynya (or Africa)
kenya 2019 all year tours

Kenya is a favorite destination for safaris in East Africa. Any good amateur who was, I thought it was easy to organize a safari, that there was only one option. I was wrong all the way. When I write these months after the safari was a choice, I tell myself I was still naive.

Kenya safari tours
Kenya safari tiger

Without exaggeration, I can say that there are as many safaris as there are visitors from Kenya. Yes, there are the “best” ones that people prefer. But, in reality, each safari is tailor-made and depends on:

  • National parks you want to visit (there are 19 national parks and reserves in the country)
  • The duration of the safari trip
  • Where to start your safari trip
  • Destinations, sightseeing and wildlife tours in your safari trip
  • If it's a "private" or "group safari tour"
  • The company you're going to work with
  • The type of transport used: mini van or 4 x 4
  • Expert tour guide and the language spoken by the guide

To get an idea of the cost, we ask for quotes from 5 different companies. Our criteria were:

  • A budget of $900/person
  • A luxury between standard and luxury
  • A trip from Nairobi to Mombasa via Amboseli, Tsavo West and Tsavo East
  • If possible private or otherwise in small groups (4 people maximum in the car, included). Prices ranged from $830 to $1,535 for similar offers.
Elephant Greeting in Kenya safari trip

Highlights of Journeys to Kenya

Kenya & Tanzania Wildlife Safari 2019 tour package

Tours type: Luxury small group tour package

A quick look: Experience the best of Kenya and Tanzania with 10 days in the region’s finest national parks and game reserves, while staying at ideally located lodges with stunning views, and an exquisite tented safari camp in the Masai Mara

Price: $10,495

For more information:


Wildlife Kenya Safaris – Day Trips

Tours type: Day trips

A quick look: Wildlife Kenya Safaris has built a reputation as one of East Africa’s premier safari tour operator. Being a specialist operator, we cater for both private and corporate sectors specializing in the design of tailor-made safari itineraries for individuals and groups throughout Kenya and Tanzania

Price: (contact for more details)

For more information: Tripadvisor Wildlife Kenya Safaris – Day Trips